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Hiking and Recreation

Fitness Trails:
Jogging & Fitness Trail

The jogging & fitness trail in Radenci runs through a delightful forest at the edge of the Radenci –South settlement.
The trail has two starting points and two finishing lines. The first one you can find on the board with a map opposite the Health Centre and the second one at the Slatina Sports Centre.
The length of the longer trail is about 3 kilometres and the shorter one 2.2 km. While jogging along the trail you need to perform 15 fitness exercises of various types of difficulty. You just follow the yellow »trimček” signposting along the trail.
The trail leads through beautiful natural surroundings, partially on asphalt road but predominantly on typical walking tracks which are completely natural. Here you will most certainly experience and feel how the nature welcomes you into its embrace. The peace and quiet of the forest will accompany you to the last fitness exercise. Once you step out of the forest you will be in the vicinity of the Slatina Sports Centre which is one of the finishing lines.

Trail image

Cooper test

The Cooper test is a test of physical fitness. It was designed by Kenneth H. Cooper in 1968 for US military use.

In the original form, the point of the test is to run as far as possible within 12 minutes. The test is meant to measure the condition of the person taking it and therefore it is supposed to be run at a steady pace instead of sprints and fast running. The outcome is based on the distance the test person ran, their age and their sex. It is an easy test to perform on larger groups. The length of the run is considered to be that of a long distance run, since everything above 3 km is rated "long distance"—which means the runner will predominately use his/her "red", slow oxidative muscle cells.

The recreational route which is 2.400 metres long is dedicated to all sports and recreation enthusiasts and is on the map marked in red. By running or walking on this route you are testing and strenghtening your own endurance. This is a modern method of aerobic health training as well as for developing and maintaining of your physical abilitiies. With this kind of exercise you are strengthening your cardiovascular and respiratory system as well as all your other organs.

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Trail along the river Mura

Pot ob Muri p

The Mura river will lead you along the border between Slovenia and Austria past Radenci, Gornja Radgona and Apače. On the way you will experience the bond between the river, animals, plants and the people.

Trail image


Trail along the springs of life

Med vrelci p

Stop at the mysterious spring and listen to the “bubbling” of water. Look into its depth. Look into your depth. Feel your soul. Walk the Trail along the Springs of Life in companionship. Explore the Healing Spring, the Petanjci Spring, the Iron Spring, the Šratovci Spring, the Ožekov Spring and the Zemljičev Spring. Explore the mysteries of the Črna mlaka pool and the authentic home-made food. Take your time, as the spring takes its time to reveal its charmes. Stop at the Iron Spring to taste this famous “bubbling” water, just as doctor Karl Henn did. And at the end of the trail do not forget to visit the bottling plant in Radenci.





Attila trail

Pohod Atilova pot p

The Attila Trail begins at the tourist information office at the bus station in Radenci. You can also shorten the trail by starting at the tourist point “At the Press” on the Kapela hill, near the wine cellar Kapela. The trail leads to the highest peak, named Kapelski vrh, where the Church of St. Mary Magdalene is situated and offers magnificant views of surrounding places and the landscape along the Mura river. From the church, the trail descends into the valley with the Attilaʼs forest and the slope called the “Attilaʼs castle”. The trail continues past the Ficko farm and a draw well with a wheel. The lonely trail, far away from the noise and civilisation, takes you further ahead past the winery Vinotoč Belak with a captivating 400-years-old wine cellar and authentic home-made dishes. From there, the trail returns to Radence.



Pomurje hiking trail

mlin na muri p

Diverse cultural, historical and natural features have shaped the Pomurje region into a magnificent landscape along the Mura river.




Cycling trails:

kolesarjenje p

Radenci, a typical town of the Pannonian world, offers exceptionally varied views over its diverse landscape, over distances, within an area that you can master just by bike. There are countless opportunities for cycling in Radenci on well maintained cycle paths with routes of various dificulty levels and over different distances. We provide cycling enthusiasts with cycling maps for the whole of Slovenia and for  those just interested in individual regions. Additionally street biking routes, which lead across the area with natural health spas and over  interesting areas of rural Slovenia and along with numerous local, often circular cycling trails in the town's surroundings, there has been a steadily increasing number of trails for mountain bike cyclists.

Cycling trail 1

Cycling trail 2

Cycling trail 3

Cycling trail 4

Cycling trail 5


Traminer path

pot traminca p

Go along the Wine Route – where water is obtained from mineral springs with healing effects and where the grapes, as the locals say, have been “pampered by the sun”. The Romans used to hold ceremonies and celebrations at the squares here, in honour of Bacchus, their god of wine, bathing in the natural springs and filling their lungs with the fresh, clean air. May the Romans (who really knew how to enjoy life) be an inspiration to us all.


Mura cycling route

Murska kolesarska pot p

This path will take you through a surprisingly dynamic, mysterious and bio-energetic landscape. Both the left and right banks of the Mura River provide exciting, yet comfortable cycling pleasures for all cycling enthusiasts. Due to its convenience, safety and well-marked paths, it is also ideal for families.


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