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Institute Activities

Institute for Tourism and Sport Radenci carries out its activities in the manner and in accordance with the ordinance on establishment and the statute of the Institute which acts in the public interest and in the field of tourism covers:

- creating the overall tourist image in the Municipality of Radenci,
- providing visitors with information through the Tourist Office,
- promotion of tourism in the Municipality of Radenci,
- integration of tourism and other associations into activities in the field of tourism,
- management and maintenance of sports and tourism facilities which are under the management of the Institute for Tourism and Sport Radenci.


Tourist Office
The Tourist Office Radenci, which is located at the Radenci Bus station and has been operating as part of the Institute for Tourism and Sport Radenci since 1 August 2007, in addition to the communication of tourism information performs the following activities:
- collating, editing and exchanging of information about the tourism services and products in our municipality and our region,
- providing information about current events and happenings,
- implementation of promotional activities,
- networking and cooperation with local, regional and national tourism entities.


Sports Activity
The Institute, which as part of its activity in the field of sport also manages the Sports hall and the Sport and  Recreation Centre Slatina, mainly takes care for :
- promotion of development and management of sports  infrastructure in the municipality,
- creating opportunities for the development of sport and recreational sporting activities.


Radenci Sports Hall
The Radenci Sports Hall represents the driving force of sporting life in the Municipality. In addition to the executors of the Annual Sport Programme (ASP), the sports hall has also been used for the carrying out of activities by numerous local and other clubs and associations. The Radenci Sports Hall has also shown itself to be a convenient location for various commercial events.


Slatina Sports and Recreation Centre (SRC Slatina)
SRC Slatina is located in the southern part of Radenci and includes the football stadium with the additional playground, intended primarily for training and recreation. This is the starting point for the Cooper test which links onto the nearby jogging and fitness trail. Adjacent to the stadium there is also some playground equipment for the youngest. Here, it is bustling from early spring till late autumn.

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